Reality Check Conference  
  6/16/14: The CDF’s first ever Crowd Rise fundraising campaign is live - we are raising funds for this year’s HAR Scholarship Fund  and need your help reaching out goal of raising $1,250 by July 16th.  
  6/11/14: Calling all College and College-Bound students of ages to attend the Reality Check Conferenceon Tuesday, August 12th (8 am – 3 pm) presented by Southern California Edison, held at the California Endowment – RSVP here!  
6/3/14: The CDF is excited to announce that Southern California Edison will be the lead sponsor for the 2014 Inaugural Reality Check Conference!
  5/21/14: The Molina Foundation has awarded the CDF with 1,703 books for youth that will be distributed at the Reality Check Conference and Back to School Jams held at public housing communities throughout the County.   
  4/2/14: The CDF is excited to announce that Los Angeles City College President, Renee Martinez, will be the Keynote Speaker at the Inaugural Reality Check Conference!  


  For more information or to donate by cash, check, or money order, please contact us at (626) 586-1899.  
Jennifer was awarded a 2011 HAR Scholarship to attend East Los Angeles College.  Since then, she persisted through extreme challenges and has graduated with an Associates of Arts degree and a Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate.  Jennifer is now attending Cal State Los Angeles and is in the processing of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. 
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